As a small but rapidly growing business, situated in Brisbane, on the East Coast of Australia we are well placed to deliver all you needs in a timely manner.
Personal one to one contact is important to us, so if you have any special needs we try to accommodate.

Treating customers as we would like to be treated, and giving a service we would go back to, seems to have struck a chord with the many people who have helped our business to expand.
We would like to think our customers feel they have had a good deal with good service and a competitive price and will return again.
If you have any questions or problems we will try to respond to them as soon as we can and hopefully give you the answers you need.

Our aim is to provide really good quality products at prices that most people can afford.
Essential items for Nurses, Whirlpool Washing Machine Parts, and Point of Sale Materials .
All at prices well below street value. Hope you find something that you like.
Enjoy Shopping.

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